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Download the FreePBX Distro Today!


Secure and Reliable

FreePBX is maintained by Sangoma’s Quality Assurnace and development infrastructure which means it goes through rigorous in-house testing before releasing to the public. Built-in security update notifications help you stay secure against new threats.


Scalable and Flexible

FreePBX is compatible with most commercially available hardware and virtual machine and Because FreePBX is so widely deployed world-wide it is compatible with over 200 end points, so you can trust FreePBX will work with whatever IP phone, doorbell system or conference solution you already have.


Powerful Feature Add-ons

FreePBX lets you add popular features (which we call ‘commercial modules) like Call-Center packages, high availability, softphone and more, by simply logging into your own store account and selecting the item. Most with a 25 year license, your features are guaranteed to work with you as you scale.


Fully Featured WebGUI

The fully featured webgui makes it easy to use features like IVRs, extension creation, backup & restore, Calendar integration, user permissions, firewall, and time conditions. Updates are also performed directly from the webgui


Global Language Support

As the most popular open-source IP-PBX in the world, FreePBX allows you to choose local language support for end point devices, on a per user basis! So you can maintain your phone system where users are in different parts of the world


No License Restrictions

FreePBX comes with no restrictions on built-in features to the number of users, extensions, IVRs and queues you wish to create. No strings attached!